We are able to provide our patients with expert dental care thanks in part to our dedication to digital technology. Dental Technology like Digital X-Rays, Implant Placement Technologies and the Intraoral Camera (just to name a few) help us arrive at the best treatment decisions for our patients so we can help improve their oral health.

The dental technologies we offer:

digital x-ray technology

Digital X-Rays

  • Digital Radiography reduces radiation up to 90%
  • Digital X-Rays allow us to see cavities before they form so we can reverse them so fillings are not necessary
  • The high resolution images provided through digital X-rays can be manipulated with computer software
simplant technology


  • This virtual dental implant treatment is used for precise implant placement
  • We can virtually place your dental implants through the SimPlant computer software program
  • Once your implants have been placed in the computer program, a customized surgical guide can be created to fit your mouth and allow optimal placement of your dental implants
soft-tissue diode laser technology

Soft-Tissue Diode Laser

  • Laser periodontal therapy can rid your mouth of periodontal disease without incisions or stitches
  • Minimal discomfort (you may not even need novocaine)
  • Quicker healing period than traditional periodontal surgery
  • The wavelength of light emitted from the laser immediately kills bacteria and cleans away infection
  • Normally the entire mouth can be treated in just two 2 hour sessions
cerec technology

CEREC Single Appointment Crowns, Inlays and Onlays

  • The procedure is done in a single appointment saving you time and pain
intraoral camera technology

Intraoral Camera

  • These cameras allow us to easily photograph your teeth
  • These images are then added to our computer database so we can examine and monitor existing fillings, cracks, gum recession and decay under extremely high magnification