Dentures, Partial & Overdentures

There are three different ways to create dentures:

  1. Premium Esthetic Denture: For these ceramic teeth or premium resin-reinforced ceramic teeth are used. These dentures also include custom tinted prosthetic gum tissue. Premium grade denture resin is used.
  2. Standard Esthetic Denture: These are very similar to the premium however they do not include custom tinted gum tissue and use standard grade denture resin and resin reinforced teeth instead of premium.
  3. Economical Denture: These dentures may need to be replaced more often because standard grade teeth are used as well as a standard-grade denture resin.

Do I need dental adhesive for my dentures?

No. If your denture is constructed properly you should never have to use denture adhesive! Denture adhesives contain harmful substances like silicone that can really do some damage on your body like digestive disorders and other more serious health problems.

What if I don’t have enough bone to keep my dentures in place?

If you have trouble keeping a denture in place, even with adhesive, then maybe dentures aren’t the solution for you. Dental implants might be a better option. With just a few implants the upper and/or lower jaw can be stabilized and be able to retain a denture again.